Proffi-seo is an SEO outsourcing company. What does it mean and why it matters for you?

Outsourcing company means we provide our SEO services to companies in different countries who have no SEO department or SEO specialist in-house. It helps many companies to save on their SEO expense while keeping the quality of services. We keep the price on the same level for our direct clients as well! That’s why working with us you actually save money while receiving the same high level of services quality.

For over 6 years we have completed hundreds of projects from around the world achieving top -3, top-5, top-10 Google ranking, successfully recovering websites after Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, and improving conversion rates.

We work with most types of projects:  the majority of our clients are start-ups, small and medium sized businesses, coming from the following industries:

Retails internet shops – the variety of online retail ventures. Target market: national or international.

Medical products, services, recreational centers: including dentists, therapists, physicians, psychologists, private practice and clinics, gyms, fitness centers, etc... Target market: national or local (city, town, district).

High-tech and information technology: a variety of software development companies, web development, mobile/applications software etc. Target market: national or international (specific countries).

Law and Legal services: including lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, notaries etc. Target market: national or local (city, town, district).

Entertainment: promotional campaigns for filmmakers, film and recording studios, artists, musicians/band, booking agencies, events, etc... Target market: national and international.

Real Estate/Tourism: real estate agents and portals, hotels, apartments complexes, vocational rentals, car rentals, tour agencies, etc... Target market: local (town, city, district), national and international.

Automotive: car dealers, used car sellers, car parts retailers, etc... Target market: local (town, city, district) and national.

Other: educational services, insurance providers, wholesalers, business/financial/accounting services, private jet services, etc.

Our Ethics: in Proffi-SEO we believe that - every client is a VIP client!

No matter if you have a start-up or a big project you will have a dedicated project manager who will answer all your questions and provide necessary support! We use only White SEO latest techniques.

Charity: 10% of Proffi-SEO income is granted to our local charity funds. We strive to make the world better and brighter! We support charity funds and programs, please feel free to contact us if you need help with your charity website.

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